Improving Your Mental Agility

Mental agility is one of the most important factors in achieving success in anything. However, most of us do not develop the prerequisite mental agility until many opportunities have passed. Developing mental agility is timeless and you can always improve on this over time. Whether you want to pursue a new career, a new hobby, business, bodybuilding or just want to perform better in several activities, mental agility will make sure you achieve your goals. So what can one do to improve their mental agility?

Play mind games

You should set aside some time to play games that will enhance your mental capacity. For example, you may fill in the cross words and puzzles in different newspapers as you take your morning coffee or as you take a break from your desk. You may even download puzzles and play on your way to work or home. Most people waste commute time catching up on gossip news or staring out of the windows. Improving your mind is the best way to use this time. You may even form online competitive groups for different puzzles.

Reading books

By reading, you expose your mind to different ideas, strategies, theories and many more things. Your mind will both consciously or subconsciously analyse and compare different theories and strategies. Sometimes, it will come up with the best or a hybrid of all the theories or strategies. Have you ever been in a situation and you came up with a brilliant idea from a book you read and didn’t even remember? This is what the power of constant reading can do to your mind. It doesn’t matter what genre of books you read but reading generally improves your mental capacity.

Learn a new skill

Studies show that by learning some new skill, you are indirectly expanding your mental capacity. You may therefore learn how to play a musical instrument like the piano, saxophone, guitar or the drums, learn how to play a given sport or game like golf, tennis, or even rugby or learn a new language. You may also develop a new hobby such as knitting, painting, drawing or designing and sewing your own clothes. Ensure that you keep practicing until you have mastered whatever it is that you are learning. Do not limit your creativity in the process and let your brain run wild.

Challenge yourself

Every day, challenge yourself to do things better, faster and in better detail. Engage in multiple activities and ensure you perform well in all of them. You may also challenge yourself to do the same task but different every single time you do it. This helps you to think on your feet and come up with excellent ideas.

Exercise and nutrition

When you are physically fit, your brain is also healthier and therefore you will be able to improve your mental agility with ease. The brain cells require oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly. By eating well and exercising the brain is able to function at its optimum level.

Enough sleep and rest

In order for your mind to function well, you should give yourself time to rest and sleep. Get to bed early enough in order to wake up early the next morning. By doing this, you can even create additional time to read and challenge your mind the following day. one way to increase the time you have for rest is to limit your browsing especially at night. You may also minimise on the hours you dedicate to watching television programs and movies.

You have the power to improve your mental agility irrespective of your age and circumstances. This will help you in making better decisions at work, at home and when dealing with diverse people. It also makes it easier for you to fit in many places since you have the capacity to converse with different groups of people.